How do you explain Caillou’s success?

CAILLOU_AROUND THE WORLD_WebHe’s a young human hero
Young readers identify with Caillou because he is just like them. Children enjoy the Caillou books because Caillou accurately reflects their own feelings and experiences.

A reflection of real life
The work of Françoise Dolto is pivotal to all the Caillou stories, which help children understand what they are experiencing. Through day-to-day situations, the books aim to communicate the emotions young children feel so intensely.

He’s a faithful friend
Caillou grows alongside his young audience and accompanies them on their exciting journey as they learn about themselves and the world around them. Caillou is the only series on the market that is adapted to children in each age group from birth to age six and features a human hero.

A child speaking from a child’s point of view
Caillou’s point of view, rather than the reality seen by parents and educators, is the basis for each book. If Caillou’s parents sometimes seem to possess only good qualities, it’s because a child of Caillou’s age still sees his parents as models to be imitated; young children normally idealize the external world.

A simple colorful world
The bright colors and simple illustrations of Caillou’s world naturally appeal to young children and quickly capture their attention. They help children concentrate on the story, making it easier for them to understand.