Our Authors and Illustrators


Christine L’Heureux

Founder and publisher of Chouette, Christine L’Heureux has published a novel in addition to numerous children’s books. She was the co-creator of the Caillou character, along with Hélène Desputeaux. Christine was the author of the first Caillou books and also collaborated on a few books with Gisèle Légaré. Christine continues to regularly write new Caillou books.

Joceline Sanschagrin

Joceline Sanschagrin studied French literature and communications in Montreal. Her association with Chouette began in 1992, when she wrote the first two books in the Compass series: Caillou Potty Time (an international bestseller) and Caillou Baby Sister (a 1993 Mr. Christie’s Book Award winner). She also wrote Chouette’s Little Dipper series.

Nicole Nadeau

Child psychiatrist Dr. Nicole Nadeau works at Sainte-Justine children’s hospital in Montreal. Dr. Nadeau shares her extensive experience with Caillou readers as both a consultant and author. Dr. Nadeau has also collaborated with CINAR Corporation on the production of 65 Caillou animated television episodes.

Fabien Savary and Isabelle Vadeboncoeur

Fabien Savary holds a doctorate in the psychology of cognitive development from Université du Québec à Montréal and a post-doctorate in cognitive psychology from Princeton. Isabelle Vadeboncoeur also holds a doctorate in the psychology of cognitive development from Université du Québec à Montréal. They combined their extensive knowledge of child psychology with their love of games to develop the Peek-A-Boo series and the Butterfly series for Chouette.

Jeannine Beaulieu

After receiving her arts undergraduate degree from Université de Montréal, Jeannine Beaulieu acquired considerable experience in the field of education. A teacher for more than 20 years, she has earned a solid reputation as an educator for both the academic and psychological impact of her work. She joined the Chouette Publishing team when asked to produce the Merry-Go-Round activity books.

Louise Gareau

A graduate of Université du Québec à Montréal, Louise Gareau has more than 20 years of experience in the field of education, including 12 years as a kindergarten teacher. She combined her love of children, games, and words to create the Zigzag Activity Book series, also known as the “I Play, I Learn” series. She also shares her knowledge with Chouette as consultant in the dictionary books: My First Dictionary and the Board Books collections.

Johanne Mercier

Johanne Mercier has been teaching elementary school for close to 20 years. Johanne was first published in 1988, and a few years later her writing talent earned her a nomination for the Governor General’s Award. In sharing her imaginative talents through Caillou’s adventures, Johanne has been able to combine her love of writing and her love of children.

Mark Daly

Mark Daly was a respected journalist for over 20 years. This path also led him to develop an expertise in translation, where he has concentrated his efforts for the last 10 years. Mark has shared this talent with Chouette on many occasions, and more specifically in writing for our Out and About series.

Sarah Margaret Johanson and Anne Paradis

Sarah Margaret and Anne both work alongside Christine L’Heureux as part of the Editorial team. Sarah Margaret has adapted many of the TV Tie-in books and is also the author of Caillou - Happy Thanksgiving! and Caillou - I Can Brush My Teeth. Anne, who worked 10 years for an educational publisher before coming to Chouette, is the author of a number of the activity books such as Little Artist Books and Caillou, Look and Find.

Other collaborators

The books adapted from the animated television series were written by Francine Allen, Michel Bélair, Marion Johnson, Jeanne Verhoye-Millet, Roger Harvey, Claire St-Onge, Sarah Margaret Johanson, and Marilyn Pleau-Murissi.

Child Psychology Consultant

Francine Nadeau

Francine Nadeau, M. Psych., is a clinical child psychologist who specializes in long-term psychotherapy. For over 27 years, she taught developmental psychology of children and the family at Université de Sherbrooke. Today, she runs a private practice and holds talks in lay terms for parents’ groups, as well as training workshops for daycare educators and teachers in Quebec and Switzerland. Francine acts as a consultant to Chouette Publishing, collaborating on many series such as Kite, Little Dipper, and this website.


Pierre Brignaud

A self-taught artist of great talent and versatility, Pierre Brignaud quickly became one of Chouette’s chief illustrators. Since June 2000, he has illustrated the majority of our books, making an invaluable contribution to the evolution and growth of Caillou’s world. Pierre also works on a wide variety of other multimedia and publishing projects.

Marcel Depratto

Formerly an illustrator and art director for various magazine publishers and public relations firms, Marcel Depratto joined the Chouette Publishing team in 1999. A genuine color genius, Marcel is the man behind the vibrant look of the Caillou books.

Eric Sévigny

After completing his studies in visual arts and graphic design, Eric Sévigny worked as a cartoonist, comic-book author, and graphic artist. Five years of collaboration on a variety of projects at CINAR Corporation followed. His current focus is on illustration and animation. At Chouette, Eric illustrates the books based on the animated Caillou series and also illustrated the Train Puzzle Books series.

Claude Lapierre

Claude was a graduate of the Famous Artists School (Connecticut) and the Institut des arts graphiques in Montreal. A multitalented artist, he concurrently pursued careers as an illustrator, art director, decorator, painter, and watercolor artist. He was best known in Quebec primarily for his sets and children’s show puppets.

Carole Lambert

Carole initially studied photography before turning to her true calling, animation. She obtained a technical degree from Cegep du Vieux Montréal in 1997 and then went to work for Cinar and Ciné-Groupe. Now self-employed, Carole lends her talents and creativity to Chouette and our new Baby Caillou collection, on top of being mother to a wonderful son, Jules.

Other collaborators

Many freelancers contribute to the book designs, including Suana Verelst (coloration), Patrice Myette (illustration), and Rodolphe Thuaud (illustration), Jean-Francois Filon (coloration) and Eric Lehouiller (coloration).

Creative Team

Monique Dupras

After graduating in graphic design, Monique pursued her training at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, and was then hired by Bob Ross Design. When she returned to Montreal, her career path led her to various firms where she worked on a broad range of products. As co-owner of a firm, she designed logos, annual reports, and other work including the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ catalogs. Monique joined Chouette in 1988, shortly after the firm was founded. The look of Caillou’s simple world can be credited to Monique, who oversees all creative and production work at Chouette.