Baby caillou

Our passion for creating books for children is stronger than ever. We have come full-circle to where it all started: Caillou as a baby!

Babies are interested in books if an adult reads to them and communicates with them. A book can create an emotional bond between infant and adult. Books also become an open invitation to play. Playing is a child’s favorite way of communicating with their environment and developing the full range of their skills.

Books should be part of the daily lives of babies, one more toy among the rattles and plush animals, one more way for infants to discover the world around them. Books for babies are not intended to encourage children to read early, nor are they meant to teach infants something; they are the first “baby steps” along the path to dreams and imagination.

Because we believe that it is important for babies to play with books, we have created “Baby Caillou”. This imprint has a fun new logo and is characterized by a beautiful soothing pastel palette, setting this collection apart from the primary colors for which our other books are so well known.

These titles, like all our Caillou books, were written in consultation with a child psychologist and/or an early childhood specialist who ensure that the content is accurate from a child development perspective.